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Patient Care is Our Specialty

dr. robert belt, medicine and cardiology, sweetwater, tn

Dr. Belt began his career as a faculty member of the University of Texas Medical Branch in the cardiology department. After a year, he moved to Washington, DC to train as a heart rhythm specialist. In 2000, Dr. Belt moved to Knoxville, TN, region to practice cardiology with a focus on heart rhythm management.

When he moved to Tennessee, Dr. Belt initially worked in a large, group practice in Knoxville, but decided the big-business formula of rushing through appointments wasn’t for him. He moved to Sweetwater in 2015 to open his practice, Robert Belt, MD, Cardiology, to provide both cardiology and primary care services.

Now, Dr. Belt takes his time with each patient, ensuring that he gets to know them, providing extra time for patient education, and supplying the highest possible quality of care. Patients receive medical notes geared toward patient understanding after visits.

Every patient is treated as an individual, not just a number.

Our Team

Ashley, Office Assistant

Ashley has worked with Dr. Belt here and at another practice. She does everything she can to ensure that patients have what they need. Ashley works with hospitals and insurance companies so that patients have a smooth experience.

Rechea Office Assistant

Rechea works with hospitals, medical offices, and insurance companies to obtain approvals for procedures and referrals. She does everything she can to ensure that patients and providers have what is needed for a smooth experience. 

Shelly Belt, Registered Nurse

Dr. Belt’s wife brings her expertise and experience as a nurse to the practice. She supports patient care and assists Dr. Belt during office visits.

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