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The office of Robert Belt, MD, Cardiology provides both primary care and cardiology services to patients in the Sweetwater, TN, area. Dr. Belt favors education and prevention in treating his patients and strives to help them reach optimal overall wellness.

The Doctor Is In

When you make an appointment with Dr. Belt, you won’t see a resident or a nurse practitioner. Dr. Belt examines and treats all of his patients personally. He answers his own phone, even after office hours. Need an appointment right away? In urgent circumstances, he will see you the same day. This sophisticated office feels like a homegrown, small-town doctor’s practice. Personal attention, medical care that goes beyond typical, and a dedication to his patients make Dr. Belt’s office feel comforting, even during times of stress.

dr. robert belt, medicine and cardiology, sweetwater, tn
patient education, dr. robert belt, medicine and cardiology, sweetwater, tn

Patient Education

There are times that seeing a specialist can leave you feeling confused and frightened. Dr. Belt understands that facing a new diagnosis can be stressful. Rather than sending you away with a pamphlet and a visit form, he takes extra time to write out notes that you’ll understand. Patient education is one of his passions, and his practice is all the more successful for it.

We are currently accepting new patients. Please call 423-836-9550 to schedule an appointment.

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